Winter Blues

It's so quiet in the winter
Icy hands and cloudy skies
Crippled lovers saying, "Love me"
I just wave and pass them by
I don't know if I can take it
Without you next to me I can't fake it
I can't make it without you

Another inch of snow has fallen
In an hour I may be gone
From this winter world I'm calling
Fading fast but hanging on
I don't know if I should love you anymore
Unless I change my image of you
I can't love you

Winter love is lonely bodies keeping warm
Desperately attempting to keep out the passion storm
Please inform me when you've had enough
So that I might fall asleep

The tracks I'm leaving lay behind me
Searching for an answered prayer
Spring might have a chance to find me
If you could meet me there
The miles grow longer when you're losing and alone
Whenever you get tired of choosing
Sing the blues
Sing the blues
Sing blues

Guess I got the winter blues

words/music by Tom McCormack
1993 Spotted Dog (ASCAP)


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