Two -
Two alone stand together in the pouring rain
Two unknown to life together both the joy and pain
Let us look now toward tomorrow and we'll leave behind the past
For today is all that matters, our todays go all too fast
And quick become old photographs of you
A lifetime look at love when joined as two
Two -
Two prepared to learn the meaning of eternity
Two unaware that all the universe is their's to keep
And if they don't know the answers
There'll be time to wonder why
There'll be time enough for laughter
There'll be time enough to cry later on
After the earth is born anew
A sunrise has more meaning when there's two

Two hoping love will get them through the life they've just begun
Two asking God to take two hearts and make them beat as one
Let us pray that they find happiness in sharing of this life
And to show the world what love is, they now stand as man and wife
Although we don't know what the words mean, we say we do
Take my hand forever: together we will now be sharing one life,
One heart, one lifetime dream of me and you
One life from two

words/music by Tom McCormack
1991 Spotted Dog (ASCAP)


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