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Every so often I come across a CD that just sort of grabs me in a way that few seldom do - such as was the case with the recent recordings by Linda Eder, the wonderful Grant King and Lee Lessack. Recently it happened again, this time with the most recent release by New York-based Tom McCormack, titled Missing. The singer/songwriter offers up a proud-to-be-gay, well-crafted musical journey that is as rich in talent as it is in its message.

With a sweet, simple sounding voice and the ebony and ivorty of the piano, McCormack delivers a stunning collection of pop-folk. The lyrics are thought-provoking and intelligent, and he weaves stories about love, life and loss into beautiful melodies and harmonies. Because it's an indie release, chances are you won't find it at a local record store. Rather, call (Spotted Dog.)

March 6, 1996

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