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Missing / Tom McCormack.

Coming out is a continuous process: every day, every new person we meet, in every new situation we are placed. For Tom McCormack, every song on his latest release is about breaking down closet doors.

From Spotted Dog Records, Missing has a song about the struggle of coming out to satisfy, intrigue or inspire everyone. There are some great cuts on this release.

"Coming" tells the story of a woman who deals with her sexuality after having been married and giving birth to her children. It details the repressed feelings of youth and the hate she must deal with from bigots during her first march for freedom.

"Home" sends out the message that we are everywhere and there is no stopping us.

And "Missing," the title cut, brings to light the inner turmoil that we all face at one time or another in our lives and our sexual orientation.

Mr. McCormack's songs are from the heart and have a message. All you have to do is open your heart and listen.

April 1995

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