"What was the biggest surprise you encountered when coming out?"

"Tell me about your first same sex kiss?"

"What's more difficult - coming out or staying in?"

"Sort of a queer TRUTH OR DARE with music"

Melinda"Take two dykes, two fags, three guitars, a bass, a piano and a hand drum, plug it all in, add a few questions from some inquiring minds and you've got yourself a show," jokes Melinda DiMaio describing SHOW & TELL: 4 GAY & LESBIAN SONGWRITERS SING OUT & TELL ALL, a raucous and entertaining program in which she appears with Grant King, Tom McCormack and Zenobia. DiMaio has herself been described as "the love child of kd lang and Kate Clinton" and her album Dyke Dramas is a favorite among both girls and boys of the queer persuasion - as well as quite a few het music lovers.

The camraderie and humor is indeed infectious as these four acclaimed solo artists join together to create something totally different, taking anonymous audience questions and responding with both anecdote and song, ranging musically from pop to r&b to folk and comedy.

Tom "It's sort of like hanging out with a few queer friends you haven't met yet - like a queer Truth-or-Dare with music," adds McCormack whose music plays on college radio across the country as well as being featured in the upcoming film David Searching (starring Rent's Anthony Rapp).

Truthful? Daring? You bet. The group says they've had audience questions range from the personal ("What's the best part of being gay?") to political ("Why do queers need special rights?") to the sexual ("What's the strangest place you ever did it?) They even once received an "I hate homos..." question while performing in Boston. For SHOW & TELL, it's all in a night's work.

Grant "Zenobia responded with this killer drum solo that was the closest thing to an exorcism that I'll probably ever see," said King, a recording artist whose cd Let Love Out was named a "Critic's Pick" by Billboard. "The audience cheered when she finished."

Zenobia "And I was dripping with sweat," laughs Zenobia, whose credits range from Hair on Broadway to performing with the Weather Girls and Jane Olivor.

"You still looked fabulous," chides DiMaio.

But despite an occasional note of heaviness, the foursome manage to keep things upbeat.

"We can't take ourselves too seriously when we get together - we laugh too much," says Zenobia . "We have a blast when we do this show."

What others have said about SHOW & TELL

"SHOW & TELL is the most cutting edge, groundbreaking show I've seen in years.... Through song and words the wonder and depth of the human spirit is revealed as each performer sings and answers questions from the audience about living gay, coming out, singing "gay" and living in the world."

Marya Warshaw, Artistic Director, Gowanus Arts Exchange, NYC

"Through stories and song, their easygoing presentation has a hard-hitting impact. This refreshing approach will demystify and delight."

Jay Friedman, M. Ed., "Sex Matters" lecturer

"The SHOW & TELL foursome's ready-for-anything humor, songs from the heart and truthful approach to being openly, proudly 'OUT!' was a big hit with not only our students, but our staff as well."

Christopher Rodriguez, Coordinator,
Harvey Milk School, The Hetrick-Martin Institute, NYC

Currently, "Show & Tell" is not actively performing. For more information, please contact Know More Secrets.


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