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Tom McCormack / Missing

I was asked to review this cd without prior knowledge about Tom McCormack or his music. I had recently read an article in Billboard magazine about gay singers and songwriters (featuring McCormack) but didn't connect the two until Tom's cd was sitting in fron to of me. I put the cd on the player and opened the promotion materials and biography

McCormack writes and produces his own material for Spotted Dog out of Brooklyn, New York. Missing is his thrid project to date which is a collection of pop rock that examines the issue of identity. His previous two releases Rose Colored Glasses and Running With Light deal with the notions of a "real world" and the exploration of spiritual journeying.

While McCormack is openly gay, his music not only speaks of gay liberation but could span the masses. This is a gay artist performing music of gay orientation but it deserves to be heard by everyone who enjoys good music. Being able to relate in one way or another to McCormack's lyrics would not be difficult for the mainstream market. To further prove the point, while playing this cd in-store, I had three individuals inquire about who, and what, was playing.

Grab your favorite beverage, find a quiet space and take a pleasurable journey with Tom McCormack and Missing. McCormack's style is nothing less than spectacular. He has the passion and presentation of a mainstream recording artist. Presentation of his material is somewhat reminiscent of Harry Chapin or even John Gorka. Neither has anything over McCormack, as he is as skillful and enjoyable. The lyrics are intelligent and McCormack has a knack for developing a hook. Tom's voice is clear and passionate, but most of all exceptionally pleasing. McCormack also BELIEVES what he is singing, which is something that not all recording artists have been able to convince me of. There are many notable songs, which demand further exploration. Of these: "In Secret," "Missing," "Home" and "Time Of Our Times" are stand out performances, simply beautiful.

I want to thank Richard Tuxbury for allowing me the opportunity to experience Tom McCormack and Missing. I have become a "fan." This disc is digitally recorded for the best possible sound availble in this format.

November/December 1994

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