Every Once In Awhile

Every once in awhile I see your face flashing upon my favorite dream
Always some kind of style -- at least a trace
Pictures from a magazine
I've seen you smile all over the world
But you don't see me
You're on my TV

Every once in awhile I look at you
And I feel fingers down my spine
You've got the kind of style
Of someone who's been around a long, long time
Sometimes I sit alone
In my mind
And then you arrive
I just close my eyes

I always see you there 'though she'll be here with me at night
You always take me there -- Your face is her's
I don't care, wrong or right
You're mine
You're mine

Every once in awhile I know that you
Will stay just a picture on my wall
And some day I'll deny I ever knew
The thousand nights I took the fall
Guess you can't always have it all

Every once in awhile I see your face
Every once in awhile you take me there
Every once in awhile -- at least a trace
Every once in awhile
I don't care
You're mine

words/music by Tom McCormack
1993 Spotted Dog (ASCAP)


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