GLAMA (Gay/Lesbian American Music Awards.)
Co-creator/Co-Executive Producer.

Co-Executive Producer of "GLAMA: One," a compilation of winners and nominees of the 1st annual awards featuring Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, Catie Curtis, Tom Robinson, Michael Callen, Ferron, The Klezmatics, Extra Fancy, Jeff Krassner and many more.

Show & Tell: 4 Gay & Lesbian Songwriters Sing Out & Tell All
Performer. With Melinda DiMaio, Grant King, Tom McCormack and Zenobia. Now with Nedra Johnson.

Hate Speech & Love Songs
Creator/Performer. A critically acclaimed performing songwriter takes on hate and homophobia in a unique program that combines music, dialogue and his personal experience as a gay man.

Co-director 1995. Coordinator of 5th Annual Festival of Lesbian & Gay Music.

"Come Out & Play"
Co-Executive Producer. Showcase concerts presented by GLAMA in New York, L.A., San Francisco and Chicago.

Richard Foltz/A Songwriter's Christmas (SWEET WILLIAM)
Record Producer on three songs featuring David Clement, Laura Wetzler and Tom McCormack.

"Quiche Lorraine"
Composer/Co-Librettist. A musical about cannibalism. (Co-writer, Lauren Wolpert)

"Treat Me Cool, Lord"
Composer/Librettist. A musical based on a book of prayers written by juvenile delinquents.

Commercial Music Composer/Producer
Interstitial and incidental music for clients such as E! Entertainment Television, Cinemax, In The Life, and GMHC's "Living With Aids."

"An American In Tokyo"
Co-screenwriter. A full-length screenplay and episodic sitcom. (Co-writer, Lauren Wolpert.)

ASCAP Pop Music Award Recipient
1998. 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993.

"Home Birth," "Before The Fire," "Shadows Dancing," and "Food For the Journey"
Co-adaptor/Composer/Performer. Programs combining spoken word and original music for spiritual reflection. (Co-adaptor, Mary Montemurro.)

"Rites of Passage"
Playwright. Three One Act Plays.

MUSIC touring