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Missing / Tom McCormack

Aching losses, escape and secrecy, being missing, waking up, coming out, being free, and coming home. These are recurring and linked themes found in Tom McCormack's treasure trove, Missing.

The centerpiece of the album, "Coming," tells the story of an emerging lesbian's yearning, "So you do your job and you raise your kids / They fall in love with their boyfriends / Like you never did / And your life goes by like a prison bid / When the warden calls you say 'I'm coming.'"

One of the strengths of Missing is McCormack's use of word play in a way that gives his simple lyrics unfolding layers of meaning. In "Home," he sings, "Enter my world / Enter my home / Come / Be welcome / Come into my world / In my world / Be / Come / Home."

The music on the album matches McCormack's songwriting and his lovely, passionate tenor voice and piano playing. Spare instrumentation is added by Adam Rogers on guitars, Steve Sandberg on sampled bass and drums with the unobtrusive, occasional accordion, mandolin, medodica or backup vocals.

The closing song, "I Love You More," stands next to Fred Small's "Everything Possible" on my musical shelf reserved for beautiful, affirming songs that should be sung to every adult (and child) when going to sleep (and waking up and for times in between.)

-- Steve Gere

June 12, 1995

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